Hi Beautiful,

Sometimes life can be an emotional rollercoaster.. and sometimes you are able to ‘kind of’ shut down without even noticing.. I mean.. sometimes you don’t even notice if you’re feeling stressed.. really stressed!

And that’s the beauty of the human body! will send out some signals when it’s about to reach its limit – and then it’s up to us to take notice and most importantly, take action!
We need to be aware of the small signals our bodies are giving us..

I definitely know now that nothing is more important than me listening to my own body.. and I also know now, that no one is more important to me than myself!!
..without ME, I can’t be a mother for my babies, a girlfriend for C, a daughter for my parents……..

I had a terrible scare yesterday and I definitely learnt my lesson! I collapsed in my house, after trying to close my eyes for what signals I was getting… I was trying to keep pushing an extra mile when my body already had shown some crazy signals.

For now on I will listen to my body, I will take action on the signals – I will take care of myself, so that I can be a good mother, girlfriend, daughter, colleague, friend and hopefully much more for many many years to come.

Today I’m an extremely emotional girl 🙋🏽 I am spending the day with my babies, lots of love, movies and pizza…
But I need to send out an extreme amount of LOVE to all of you who are following… ❤️

And especially to my sweet boyfriend who is too far away ✈️ I miss you so much babe! ❤️